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Protocolo de medidas destino seguro Gran Hotel Del Coto 4*
• Maintaining a safety distance of 2 meters

• Cleaning and disinfection plan with authorized virucidal brand ECOLAB

• Continuous air conditioning and ventilation of the establishment

• Access to hydroalcoholic solution in all common areas

• Installation of disinfectant carpets in the exterior entrances to the hotel

Designed to capture moisture and all types of dirt from the entrances.
Machine washable up to 60º to keep carpets hygienically clean.

We use the disinfectant cleaner with virucida Oasis Pro 20

An application of sufficient virucidal to cover the area of action, respray periodically according to the amount of influx.

• All our employees have PPE and have been trained for their safety by the company MPE with specific training on Covid-19.


• Recommendation to pay by card or mobile devices to avoid handling cash

• Minimum distance measures of 2 meters, through signage on the ground and placement of protective screens in the front office area

• Cleaning and disinfection measures for electronic equipment, keys and pens after each use with a virucidal product from the ECOLAB brand.

• Access to hydroalcoholic solution next to the reception desk

• Container is enabled to return keys and subsequent disinfection with virucida ECOLAB

• Disinfection of all elements of the room between guests

• Daily ventilation of all rooms

• Collection of lingerie in separate bags in laundry carts

• Disinfection of textiles in our laundry at> 65ºC with ECOLAB product

• Reduction of decorative elements and dispensable material for security reasons, transferring all hotel information to the TV screen in each room

• Use of PPE by cleaning staff at all times

• Individual amenities per room

• Limited use of spaces temporarily for customer safety

• Individual or family unit use of elevators and with a mask.

• Covid equipment, created for the disinfection of cleaning common areas, handrails, elevator buttons, door handles, rugs and carpets, porch entrance, glass, replacement of hydroalcoholic gels, continuous garbage collection, review of bathrooms including swimming pools ...

• Analysis and identification of capacity of the different rooms of the hotel


• Distribution of tables and chairs to guarantee the safety distance between clients

• Control of capacity by means of lunch and dinner shifts and extension of hours, for a correct disinfection and restoration of restoration

Breakfast: 08: 00-11.00hrs

Lunch: 13.00-16.00 (two meal shifts are established 1st shift: 13.00-14.00 and 2nd shift 14.30-16.00)

Dinner: 20.00-23.00 (two dinner shifts are established 1st shift: 20.00-21.00 and 2nd shift 21.30-23.00)

• Substitution of common elements for single-dose

• Sanitization of all the dishes used in our washing train> 80ºC

• Use of EPis by catering and kitchen staff at all times


• Pool capacity control

• The pool hammock is responsible for the disinfection of the hammocks with virucidal, as well as the contact areas, showers, pool stairs, bathrooms. In addition, our hammocks are placed at a safety distance of 2 meters.

• We have 6 pool showers, 3 on one side and 3 on the other end, closing the central shower so that there is the recommended safety distance.

• Adaptation of animation activities guaranteeing social distancing

• Limitation of services temporarily to guarantee the safety of the client • We have eliminated the service of Pecera, our nursery, for not being able to guarantee the safety distance

• We have moved our Ecoclub to Alucine, in three open-plan rooms with access to the garden at the same height and constant ventilation

• Design and planning of events complying with hygienic-sanitary measures

• The distribution of material in work meetings is reconfigured

• The capacity has been reduced to 15 pax maximum in store

• Clothing items are not returned

• Disinfection with hydroalcolic gel at the entrance at the store counter

• Delimited entry and exit area to avoid people crossing

• Protective screens on the counter

• The restaurant capacity has been reduced by eliminating furniture

• The safety distance between tables of 2 meters is kept

• The tablecloths have been eliminated and single-use placemats have been placed with the Rocina letter printed on them.

• QR codes have been placed on the tables to be able to download Rocina's letter with mobile devices

• Single-dose products are provided to the customer in the case of sauces, jams, dressings, butters

• We have protective screens in the restaurant bar as well as in the ham cutting area

• We make table reservations to eat to control restaurant capacity

• We have optical gel at the entrance of the terrace

• The furniture has been reduced and a safety distance of 2 meters has been left between

tables • QR codes have been created on the tables and terrace bar so that the customer has access to the menu on any mobile device

• The capacity has been reduced to 6 pax maximum

• Constant ventilation of the space

• Gel dispenser at the entrance of the same

• A disinfection point has been placed within the reach of users to disinfect each machine after use

• Mandatory use of a mask during exercise

• Access control through registration in the front office of reception to not exceed the capacity of 6 pax

• Disinfection of machinery and space by our Covid Team, according to use of space

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