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The area of ​​our youngest guests
A fun-filled area whose lovingly designed design simulates an extension of the area where we are; the sea. It has an area for interactive and motor games, a library, a role-playing area, consumables for endless crafts, and all of this based on a schedule of daily thematic activities created and put into operation by specialists who not only want our visitors to have fun, but also to develop all their multiple intelligences through observation, manipulation, and experimentation. An ideal area to learn while playing while you give yourself a few hours of rest knowing that your little one is in the best hands.

How does it work

>La Pecera is designed so that babies and children between the ages of 1 and 4 years can spend unforgettable days and enjoy their vacations to the fullest!

>This play and learning area opens its doors at 10:00 a.m. at 8:00 p.m., uninterrupted, starting at the end of June and having a maximum capacity of 15 children, so... don't sleep and visit us!

> La Pecera has qualified personnel , educational professionals who provide the best service so that both babies and children enjoy and have a great time.

> Languages: Spanish and English.

> This service is totally free.


> > La Pecera has a changing table with a mattress, a shelf to store nappies or wipes, always within easy reach and 2 cots so that the little ones can rest.

> Tables and chairs adapted to the little ones and that comply with the En 1729 regulations regarding the measurements of children's chairs and tables.

> Storage furniture that complies with safety regulations according to the age of the little ones, and adapted to encourage their autonomy at all times.

> Welcome area where shoes are deposited and children are received.

> Rest area where we find mats, stuffed animals and cushions.

> Role zone with various proposals such as the kitchenette, the house or the hospital.

> Games: Blackboard, constructions and pieces to fit together, consumable materials, reading area with books on various themes, playpen, dolls and carts, television and piped music.

environmental criteria

> Facilities: This is an area that meets several environmental criteria since each and every one of the materials we use to set up the activities are respectful of the environment and the health of the little ones. This is the case of the use of aqueous paints, linoleum flooring or the reuse of materials such as rolls of paper or cardboard, among others.

In addition, the room has good insulation, dimensions that allow us to make optimal consumption in terms of air conditioning and an orientation that takes advantage of sunlight. The energy comes from renewable sources from our company that supplies it, since sustainable systems such as biomass boilers are used. Water, our most precious asset, is not neglected. Apart from a good awareness about the reuse of it, we have the installation of a water saving system of up to 40%. All this is possible thanks to the fact that our company adheres to various international and Spanish environmental certification systems such as ISO 14001, SICTED and the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism (CETS).

> Hygiene: Washable wipes and sponges reduce excessive waste generation. In the case of La Pecera, we use hygienic products with absorption quality, optimal skin respiration and soft materials with the care of the skin of the smallest and smallest

> Three R's. La Pecera minimizes the use of materials and generates a minimum amount of waste (reduce); avoid the practice of using and throwing away, and use quality products to reuse them to the maximum (reuse); thus properly managing waste for later use (recycle).

> Environmental educational programs. In addition to an extensive program of activities, those responsible for the La pecera space prioritize activities such as recycling workshops, seed cultivation and crafts with clay or other natural elements; outings to nature; use of toys with natural materials, reusable or with ecological values; educational talks to practice ecological initiatives at home, among others.

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